What Begins at the Water Shall End There



I know… I’ve been gone a fair while. Reading has not been my top priority the past six months and I haven’t been compelled by a novel in a very long time.

A month ago I needed a book that I could really get my teeth into. It was a rainy afternoon and a young lady had asked me to recommend a decent fantasy series, she wanted something long so obviously I gave her The Dark Tower and I had mentioned that I wasn’t reading anything currently and all of a sudden this girl started reeling off all this information about a book called ‘S’. I had heard about and seen copies of S but didn’t know anything about this novel by JJ Abrams & Doug Dorst. I ordered a copy of this £30 hardback and what turned up what as not what I expected at all.

This book is a down-right bloody beautiful. I didn’t want to break the seal but I needed to look inside this book instantly. From the off the amount of artistry and detail that had gone into the creation of this book is stunning and a book lovers dream!

S is strange creation of a book within a book wrapped in a mystery. S is a literary mystery surrounding the identity of the mysterious fictional author of ‘The Ship of Theseus’. The Ship of Theseus is the last novel from the unknown author V.M. Straka. A sailor who only goes by S is abducted and finds himself captive upon a nameless ship of mute shipmates, not knowing his purpose or who he is.

Passed back and forth between two university students who annotate the margins of the novel, leaving the notes, newspaper cuttings and maps throughout the pages. Every sentence of this novel is exciting, you’re essentially getting two great stories. One a literary political fuelled adventure and the other a slow burning mystery.

I won’t lie, S is not the easiest book to read. Each page is full of footnotes from the author’s equally enigmatic translator, in which are hidden codes between author and translator. Not to mention the conversations taking place in the margins but I found myself flying through the pages, every chapter was more intriguing than the next.

You see a friendship form primarily over the love of literature, fuelled by the love of a good mystery and it’s amazing to see that friendship develop over such a small space. There’s so little to say when it comes to the negative aspects of S apart from that sometimes one of the characters writes in a yellow pen which is a little hard to read in dim light. I loved S and the loose references to the Somerton man mystery is super exciting.


Read this book. READ IT!! P.S. There’s a code wheel in this book…. need I say more.


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