This Is Going To Hurt

Last week I finished reading This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay. I only started reading this book because my colleague insisted on reading me passages on a regular basis. With every passage I found myself cackling with laughter or recoiling in horror.

Diary entries from Kay’s time as a junior doctor for the NHS is a fresh and humorous account of what it takes to be a doctor in Britain today. The extreme hours, the heart breaking decisions and the numerous items that people get stuck up their bums.

Adam Kay has readers laughing one paragraph and crying the next. Some entries gave me such a visceral reaction that I’d never experienced with a book before. I’ve always have a level of ‘ignorance-is-bliss’ approach to medical situations and this book put me in my place. I genuinely believe that everyone with a human body should read this book, even more so if you’ve experienced the horror of having another human expelled from within you.

This Is Going To Hurt is one of the most life affirming books I’ve had the pleasure to read. I want to put a copy of this book into every reader’s hands. Adam Kay has done an outstanding job of bring the real pain and issues of our struggling health service to the forefront of peoples minds.

Get this book, it’ll be the best thing you do today.

P.S. my favourite account is on page 18.IMG_7272


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