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I’ve just finished a book called Penance by Kanae Minato and I need to tell everyone about it.

A colleague first alerted me to Penance a few weeks ago. I didn’t think I’d heard of Kanae Minato before, to was only after googling I realised that she had written the novel Confessions, which was adapted into the most darkly upsetting films ever.

My spawn woke me up at 5AM the other morning for no reason, unable to go back to sleep I started reading Penance. By 7AM I was over half way through.

In a tiny Japanese village with the cleanest air, a factory is built bringing in new residents to this little community. Five young girls are playing volleyball when a stranger approaches the group. Within hours one of the girls is dead and the fallout from discovering their friend’s body haunts the girls for the rest of their lives.

Penance is the sort of book I would have finished in one sitting (if I hadn’t have had to go to work and look after a small child). I did manage to read it in a day even though I was interrupted too many times to count. When I finished this book I was shocked, numb and chilled. When I went to sleep I couldn’t help but think that a twee little Japanese housewife wrote this novel.

Penance is a story that will really chill you. I want to read everything Kanae Minato has written, reading her gave me the same rush I had when I first read Ryu Murakami. She’s utterly fantastic, brutal and manages to tap in a special kind of female darkness. I need to read Confessions. Minato’s writing is sensational and there’s something quite brutal about a Japanese housewife sitting down and writing this book.

This is a must read for crime fiction fans and even more so for Japanese fiction fans.

Penance is published by Mulholland Books and translated by Philip Gabriel.


Mr Mercedes


When I arrived at work there was a large thin envelope on my desk. My heart skipped a beat, I knew something exciting would be inside. At first I thought it was just a letter but out slipped a sample of Mr MERCEDES.

Stephen King fans get excited. Stop what you’re doing and run to your local book store and pre-order this book. Cruelly Hodder have only provided me with the first 33 pages.  This is nowhere near enough.

Now obviously I can’t really talk about what I’ve just read but oh my goodness, this is not like other Stephen King novel. This is different, this is strange and this is special.


Stephen King has released an exclusive trailer for Mr Mercedes! Here’s the link to his official website:


Mr MERCEDES is published on 3rd June 2014 in hardback.